Dark Web Monitoring


What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is made up of digital communities that sit on top of the Internet, and while there are legitimate purposes to the Dark Web, it is estimated that over 50% of all sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials. Far too often, companies that have had their credentials compromised and sold on the Dark Web don’t know it until they have been informed by law enforcement — but by then, it’s too late.

How can Businesses fall prey to Dark Web?

Businesses can fall prey when the employees use their work email on a third party website, such as Travel Sites, H.R. & Payroll, Banking, Social Media, etc. In turn, this gives rise to exposure of sensitive data, which makes your business vulnerable to a cyber breach. With Sieve Networks Dark Web Monitoring, we can detect if your company is at risk due to exposed credentials on those websites.

What can you do to protect your business?

Sieve Networks has an array of web services and I.T. solutions for the diverse needs of your business. By utilizing Sieve Networks Dark Web monitoring, we will identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

Why is it important to monitor your business information on Dark Web?

The following are some of the reasons;

  • Security Breach: Dark Web Monitoring reduces the sum of time between the incidence of a data breach of your organization, through its I.T. security services, anti-phishing, firewall protection, etc. to protect your business possible security breach.
  • Shrinks the window of opportunity criminals: Criminals make copies of your data and sell it. Sieve Networks Dark Web Monitoring prevents your company’s confidential data leaving your perimeter without you knowing it’s gone.
  • Avoidance of stolen credentials: Compromised credentials, sensitive and vital data, are used to conduct other criminal activity. So it is of utmost importance that the company and its employee’s private credentials are not on display for the criminals to feed off.
  • Limited visibility when credentials are stolen: It is reported that over 75% of compromised credentials are reported to the victim’s organization by a third party, such as law enforcement. Often the organization is not aware of the stolen information, and it is later that they know of the facts after it’s been used for illegal activities.
Monitoring service can help your organization recognize compromises, supply reports on compromised data, examine logs, permit tracking of any incidents, create effective policies and procedures to decrease risk, and identify patterns before turning into trends. Sieve Networks Intelligence allows you to keep your organization more protected and proactively monitor networks to catch and respond to threats immediately. Is your business safe? Want to learn more? Contact Sieve Networks today for a Preliminary Dark Web Scan.