Regina Public Schools Struggles With Outages 26 Days After Cyberattack

Exploit: Ransomware

Risk to Business: Severe

Regina Public Schools are experiencing technical difficulties in the wake of a late-May cyberattack. The ransomware group BlackCat has claimed responsibility. The group claims to have encrypted 500 gigabytes of files belonging to RPS. BlackCat has also said that the group now possesses employee data from a wide range of sources like tax reports, health information, passports and social insurance numbers, but the school system disputes those assertions. Many schools are still experiencing internet outages, leaving teachers unable to access learning tools, grading systems and other educational assets. Services are slowly being restored.

Individual Impact: No information about consumer/employee PII, PHI or financial data exposure was available at press time.

Stress on Your Business: Schools, universities and colleges have been prime targets for cybercrime since the start of the global pandemic and need to take extra precautions.

How Sieve Networks Can Help: Every company needs a Ransomware resilience plan that will help insulate organizations from trouble like this.  Contact us at 414.238.2110 or at [email protected] to schedule a Ransomware Vulnerability Assessment and learn more about how Ransomware is evolving and get tips for protecting your data.

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