Importance of Preventative Security – Ransomware

Cybercriminals are using ransomware to attack businesses at an average of one every 11 seconds. As these threats become more sophisticated, what traditionally worked to defend against a breach will provide limited or no protection.

There are several ways that ransomware attacks are used to steal or compromise data. For example, email with poor phishing protection may allow criminals to trick employees into revealing logins or sharing other sensitive information. This information is often sold on the dark web to other cybercriminals who may attempt to blackmail your business.

Websites and apps controlled by your business are also vulnerable to attack. Once access is gamed to your business processes, taking control or stealing data is the next step. In many cases, cybercriminals threaten to ruin the reputation of a business by posting inappropriate content to websites and apps if the ransom is not paid.

Encrypting data allows the cybercriminal to restrict access in other ways. So, although there is no direct threat to ruin a business by posting inappropriate content, you cannot access information that is important to business processes.
Robust Cyber Security Protections
Businesses mustn’t wait until a ransomware attack is attempted before reacting. Robust and proactive security measures can prevent phishing emails from reaching employee inboxes, provide better security for websites, and ensure that your data is always backed up.

At Sieve, we use six layers of security to prevent issues such as ransomware attacks proactively. Whether a new threat is identified by automated or human processes, our approach ensures that all security protocols are updated where necessary.

To discover where a ransomware attack is most likely to strike your business, arrange a consultation with Sieve today. We can show you all the steps needed to prevent ransomware from compromising your data proactively.

Meta: Protect your business from ransomware attacks with proactive security from Sieve. We provide six layers of protection for all your data, systems and processes.

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