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Is Your Business At Risk?

Cybersecurity threats are ever-present and evolving. If your business manages or transfers sensitive data, a security cleanup can find and eliminate risks. Sieve Networks offers consultation to help you determine the vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, including: 

  • Email/Phishing Attacks
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data Backups
  • Network Port Scans


With working from home becoming a new norm for many companies, productivity has surprisingly increased by up to 47% for many businesses. Unfortunately, ransomware remains the number one threat, which means you will need enhanced support to protect IT resources. Do not wait until data is compromised – take proactive steps to prevent a security breach that could destroy your business.

Sieve's 6 Layers of Defense

Unique to Sieve clients is our Sieve’s 6 Layers Of Defense. We create 6 layers of security that are customized to your cybersecurity needs. All business technologies are vulnerable to compromise without the right protection in place. We will work closely with you, your employees, and vendors to proactively identify and address threats in this layered approach. At Sieve, we start from the ground up by creating solutions for protecting your Human, Perimeter, Network, Endpoint, Application, and Data interaction. Each of these six areas utilizes IT resources and processes that are susceptible to security vulnerabilities. Working with Sieve can proactively protect against threats.

Featured Security Offerings


Numerous products can protect your data, systems, and processes when it comes to cybersecurity. Cisco Secure Firewall and similar products are designed to enhance security for business networks. A consultation with Sieve will allow you to determine which firewall service best suits the needs of your business.

Data Backup

Infrascale is one of many reliable products for businesses that want to create a disaster recovery plan when it comes to data backup. If you need solutions for keeping data archived and secure, several other backup suitable products may improve your processes. Call Sieve today to learn more.


To prevent sophisticated attacks, virus protection is an essential tool. Sophos offers advanced features that will protect your network, data, and other IT resources. Choosing the right virus protection products helps businesses proactively prevent attacks from cybercriminals. Reach out to the cybersecurity specialists at Sieve for selecting the best tools on the market.

Security News

Cybersecurity News

If you have anywhere from 20-200 employees who have access to your IT network, cybersecurity should become a concern for your business. In most of the consultations we conduct at Sieve Networks, a single IT manager or controller is responsible for addressing data security concerns. Our team relies on information from a range of sources including, which provides real-time updates on potential threats.

The Latest Cybersecurity News . . .

More than 6,000 immigrants were affected by an ICE data leak after an excel sheet with identifying info was public for 5 hours