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Cost-Effective IT Solutions

When your systems are not operating properly, it costs you time, money, and even clients. At Sieve Networks, we proactively work to identify potential risks before they become an issue. 

We work with our clients to identify critical IT vulnerabilities and fill those gaps. Additionally, our team continuously documents network setups, software deployment, access requests, and much more to ensure that you have a reliable paper trail that is suitable for troubleshooting and auditing purposes.


Whether installing new or troubleshooting existing networks, it should happen proactively rather than reactively. In many cases, attempting to address issues after the fact is too late. Being reactive can cause downtime and loss of money.

  • Setup & establish secure networks.
  • Proactively monitor & troubleshoot networking problems.
  • Document network for consistent & reliable support.

Servers & Storage

When you store and handle sensitive client or customer data, the integrity of your storage capabilities is essential. Data transfer and recovery are made all the more difficult when outdated systems and hardware are crucial components in your network. Sieve works with you to build and manage server and storage infrastructure whether on-site or on the cloud.  

  • Secure On-Site & Cloud Server Solutions.
  • Recover lost data from device issues or crashes.
  • Increase your team’s productivity with access to data & information.

Managed Services

The people that manage and process your client, customer, or partner-related data play a significant role in your business. With managed or co-managed IT, your business is in a better position to prevent downtime. Our team can handle device purchasing, installation, management, updates, and any troubleshooting needs.

  • Preventing downtime due to IT issues.
  • Consistent IT support for your team.
  • Device purchasing & installation.
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Sieve Networks is committed to providing security services that are accessible to our customers. As a partner, we will provide you with specific tools that protect you from today’s security risks. Our ethos involves a proactive approach to potential threats, so your network and information are always protected.

  • Proactively Identify & Address Security Threats.
  • Protect your business from security vulnerabilities.
  • 6 layers of security defense & support.
  • Dark web monitoring. 
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Consulting Services

We work with other Technology Solution Providers to facilitate of installation ERP, VoIP, CRM, etc., and a host of cloud solutions for your business. The Sieve Network team will work with you and your employees to ensure that every solution is compatible with your day-to-day business processes.

  • Identify & recommend appropriate IT solutions.
  • Operate your business more efficiently.
  • Maintain network integrity. 
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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions from Sieve Networks can reduce your dependence on hardware infrastructure and software running on in-house equipment. Working with industry leaders AWS, and Microsoft we manage your programs and storage in the cloud.

  • Reduce dependency on in-house equipment.
  • Scalable solutions.
  • Secure environment. 

Support for World Renowned Vendors

We work with manufacturers and vendors that are industry leaders, including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Sophos, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, and many more. Our dedication is to deliver a unique and unmatched experience in managed IT services.

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Networking, security, and collaboration products are designed to grow with all business needs.


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