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Security Misconfiguration amidst Covid-19

The global pandemic has hit the earth quite like a wrecking ball, adversely affecting people and businesses. The pandemic has compelled many people to work from home, which has a bitter/sweet impact on the workers and businesses. This transition has caused I.T Security to work overtime and build a network that allows organizations to carry out their functions as if they were working out of the main office.

What is security Misconfiguration?

Security misconfigurations occur when security settings aren’t distinct, implemented, and default values are maintained. This usually means when security standards don’t adhere to industry security standards; it generates a pathway for hackers to slide into the applications, websites, web portals, desktops, etc., past the I.T security system.

How has Security Misconfiguration increased?

There’s a proverb, “Bad guys thrive in chaos,” Thus, the pandemic has made it challenging to keep the network secure from hackers. Moreover, the pandemic has given rise to the necessity of businesses to access cloud services. Recent data released by Microsoft reported that a mammoth of 775% increased its cloud services usage due to the pandemic.  Unfortunately, I.T security safeguards have been bypassed during the configuration of web applications, networks, and cloud, whether due to speed, misinterpretation, or plain human error. These security loopholes cause grave risks further down the road and potential reputational damage. 

Here are the common misconfigurations: 

  • An unpatched system
  • A Default/ out of the box account settings (i.e., usernames and passwords)
  • Unencrypted files
  • Old and out of dated web applications
  • Unsecured portals and devices
  • Web application and cloud misconfiguration
  • Inadequate firewall protection

How does Sieve Networks help? 

We at Sieve Networks feature vulnerability assessment for your business’s entire technology mass, generate security controls and processes the foremost complex environments that change from a network, wireless, web application to a hybrid cloud.

The I.T security has been built by ethical hacking; we imprint a security-first culture in your business through our maximum coverage, so no stone is left unturned. We use a closely controlled and repeatable practice by automating the configuration change process. By diminishing manual efforts and thus the unavoidable errors they carry, I.T Security can considerably lessen instances of misconfigurations that accidentally expose vulnerabilities, leaving important data exposed to the preys.

Sieve Network; aspire to grow by providing quality services to our clients, with assured unbiased services and cost-effective and scalable solutions. 

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