Cyberattack Disrupts Unemployment Benefits For Thousands Of People


Risk to Business: 1.427 = Extreme

A cyberattack on a software company has disrupted unemployment benefits and job seeking assistance for thousands of people in several states. A ransomware attack on a major provider of software to state government agencies around the U.S. has resulted in website outages that impacted government services. Geographic Solutions provides workforce development, labor market information, and unemployment insurance software solutions to 35 U.S. states including Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, California and Indiana. Labor department job search and unemployment program website outages left citizens and government officials scrambling. The company has engaged a third-party firm to help with the cleanup and most services have been restored. 

How It Could Affect Your Customers’ Business:

A data security incident at a service provider can be a disaster for any business and it will be especially damaging for the healthcare clients involved here.

How Sieve Can Help:

Every company needs a Ransomware resilience plan that will help insulate organizations from trouble like this.  Contact us at 414.238.2110 or at [email protected] to schedule a Ransomware Vulnerability Assessment and learn more about how Ransomware is evolving and get tips for protecting your data.

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